This is the blog for Franko B's sculpture class at Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata, Italy.

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  1. Ciao!
    Sono Ana, una studentessa Erasmus de la Spagna. Questo anno voglio imparare nella scultura anchè l´instalazione nella Accademia di Belle Arti. Nel Arte Einforma mi hanno detto che sarà arrivato a Macerata l´Ottobre 3 per informare di queste materie a li studenti. Questo giorno penso che non podrei stare a Macerata (devo andare a la Spagna per finire questioni di documenti). Così, voglio sapere come si fa questi materie, che giorni ci sono le lezioni e il nome di la materia dove si impara l´instalazione.
    Tante Grazie per tutto!

  2. My Proyect: “Through the object” is a project that intends to set a direct relationship between human and object so that we are able to define the one by means of the other, i.e. creating a visual dictionary of synonyms.
    I have drawn up this subject over the last few years of learning in several ways by using various techniques. I generally tackle an either feeling-related or social subject underlying objects; I define identities, cultures and circumstances as I leave out the subjects themselves that I am dealing with, or as I explicitly reference them as anonymous, featureless beings.
    I work on the principle of my previous personal knowledge on the situations to pick them. I look around for the elements that I see that can define someone, for those that leave behind some remain of human trace, or for objects in use. From lumber rooms to beds. I develop sequences by placing common, steady elements in every work approaching them in different situations.
    In this manner I try and pass on perceptions of reality. I show feelings and common moments for humans in spite of social or economic differences. I attempt to create links that put on the same level utterly different people.

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