This is the blog for Franko B's sculpture class at Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata, Italy.

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Dear participants,

Welcome to Franko Class Blog. This blog is only viewable to members of my class at the Academia di Belle Arti, Macerata, Marche. Through this blog, we shall share and communicate our journey together. I will announce when you should expect to see me in Macerata and any informartion regarding your practise and homework. It is vital that you check this blog regularly to keep informed about what is necessary for the class. The blog can be used by all of us to communicate and discuss information that is relevant to our practise, and is a place to share ideas and support each other.

Please try to comment to each others posts as much as you can, as feedback is very important and useful to all of us.

Make sure that you check the links at the right hand side of the page, and if you have any to add, please make a comment and send me an email.

If you want to contact me personally, you can email me at .

See you later, Franko.


  1. ciao franko,
    ti ringrazio per l'invito a questo blog.
    sono tanto felice di averti in accademia, e non vedo l'ora di assistere alle tue lezioni.
    spero che le foto che ti ho mandato siano buone.
    con stima

  2. laura i want you to speack english , yes you can ... x x x x

  3. hello franko,
    yes, I can speak in English and sorry if I can't speak very well. I hope you are fine.
    best wishes